Delizia Gelato Italiano
Our Passion for Gelato

In 2010, two people from different countries and different business worlds, but with common passion, and love for sweet tastes, came up with the idea of setting up Delizia. The reason for Matteo Bianciardi, an Italian geologist who has always had a special craziness with cooking and sweets, and Christos Karapanayiotis, an economist who had experience in food and sweets as his family had a food business in Chania. Since then, they decided to both study the art of Italian ice cream in Italy.

Three years later, and specifically in the summer of 2013, they realized their idea by building the Delizia Gelato Italiano in the heart of the Old Town on Halidon Street. A very beautiful space, which is only open in the summer, with Italian touches in its architecture.
Just behind the service area where Delizia offers its products, the preparation lab has been built and it is worth noting that it is always open to the general public who wants to know how all the products are made using authentic Italian recipes.

In just a few years since its establishment, Delizia has already managed to collect several distinctions in travel guides (ANEKORAMA, TRAVEL STYLE, CHANIA MAGAZINE) and take a seat in one of the top 10 ice cream stores in Greece (according to Famous bloggers). The company also supplies selected restaurants and hotels.

For the future, Delizia aims to expand the business by always keeping the same concept firm keep on respecting the best quality in raw materials for a creative ice cream.