Fresh Raw Indredients for
Authentic Italian Gelato

At Delizia Gelato Italiano, having always in mind the fresh ingredients and the best quality raw materials (from all over the world), we have created for you a wide range of flavors and frozen desserts. For every new taste, we search for the best raw material from all over the world.

Raw materials such as chocolate from the countries of Switzerland, France and Italy, Tahitian vanilla, Sicilian peanuts, Turin hazelnuts, Greek cow’s milk from well-known farms in Northern Greece, handmade fresh fruit syrups, high quality Italian cucumbers, fresh milk whipped cream and fresh cream, Liège wafers and handmade candy with water, sugar and Himalayan salt.

The fresh raw materials, the knowledge they possess, the love and the passion of Christos and Matteo for the object, have managed to take the products offered at Delizia to a new level of satisfaction. Products such as Gelato, sorbet, affogato, chocolate ice cream and ice-cream sandwiches.

Gelato is the delicate Ice Cream of Sicily. Although it is a frozen dessert like ice cream, it actually has many substantial differences. Initially it has 40% less fat (due to the fact that it has less cream and more fresh milk), it contains no butter and is served at a higher temperature than ice cream. The main difference, however, is the question of which is fresher, and the answer is Gelato as it is made to be consumed the same day and does not require freezing like deep freezing ice creams made from powders and mixtures rather than from fresh milk.

Flavors (from a wide range of 50 flavors) that will amaze you like Tahiti Vanilla, blueberry, chestnut, pine nut, masked fig, caramel fig, zafferano, cheese cake, chocobanana, Himalayan caramel and more.

Delizia has paid particular attention to their sorbets, where they are made from organic fruits such as lemon, orange, mandarin, strawberries, mango and others. We are frequently asked by our customers about color. Delizia manufactures the sorbents without dyes and preservatives, thus pursuing freshness and delicacy, not glow and phosphorescence.

Those who are lovers of soft ice cream from this year will be able to taste it in different flavors every day and if you are more daring you can try an affogato, a very tasty beverage with espresso and Gelato.